An app designed to simplify the production report process

Wrap Time is a web-based program that allows crew members and/or department heads the ability to enter (in-times, lunch-times and out-times) on a daily basis. Similar to paper-based department out sheets, these digital out sheets allow everyone to record their times electronically and seamlessly. Once all times are submitted an excel sheet is generated that makes it easy to copy and paste data into a production report excel file. 

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4 Benefits to Wrap Time


With wrap time you can collect wrap times in a matter of minutes. Crew members will submit their out-times from their phone or computer that will instantly upload to the wrap time cloud.


One of the many benefits to using a program like wrap time for the crew is that it allows crew members a place to review their times so when they attempt to enter their time card for the week they aren't relying on their memory or photos of paper time sheets.


Using wrap time will help you to create/maintain a PR that is accurate and accurate. No one should ever have to track down a paper out sheet in 2022. 


Wrap Time is 100% digital. No Paper. Its eco-friendly. You will be saving money on toner and trees at the same time!

why leave paper behind?

Paper is out!

Using paper out sheets is bad for so many reasons. Its NOT eco-friendly, difficult to track down, hard to read and cumbersome. We believe that moving to a digital and paperless-office should include daily time sheets!

Health Check Point

Part of the Wrap Time portal, your crew members will be able to use the app to answer covid-19 survey questions and then presented with a QR code to present to the health and safety team upon arrival. 


What others are saying

Marie Jones 


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“Wrap Time is an incredible application. We’ve been using it religiously on all of our productions for the last year and we couldn’t do without it. The app finally streamlines the process of collecting crew in and out times and transferring them to the production report.”


Low Budget Film & TV


50.00 +

per week

Medium Budget Film & TV


150.00 +

per week

High Budget Film & TV


250.00 +

per week

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of the crew use the app?

You have the option to allow everyone on your crew to use the app or just department rep responsible for out times. Crews will appreciate being able to use it individually because then they can look back at their times when filling out their time card etc..


How long does it take to setup?

We can have you setup and going within a day. The training is relatively easy but there is a small adjustment period of learning something new so we advise that you get setup a week prior to shooting. 


Will it work with my PR template?

Once everyone has submitted their out times a .csv or .xls file will be generated with the info needed for the Production Report. You can easily copy the times from this file into your own PR.


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